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Please notice!
Before travelling to the Republic of Malta, please check whether you need a visa.

General information

Official name: Republic of Malta (Maltese: Repubblika ta' Malta)
The official currency: EURO
Location: Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.
Area: 316 km2
Population: 475,000 (2018)
The official languages: Maltese and English
State Government:Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Time Difference: Central European Time Zone. Central European Standard Time (CET) is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1). Like most states in Europe.
Electricity: Power plugs and sockets are of type G (British origin). The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.
Malta uses different sockets, make sure that you bring correct adapters, or if you forget, dont worry, you will find easily in stores for 2-3 euros.
Country dialing code: + 356
Driving side: left
Measure units: Degree Celsius (ºC), meter (m.), Kilogram (kg), liter (l.).
Emergency numbers: Police 112, Fire department 112, Ambulance 112, Malta Police Force: 2122 4001-7 & 2122 1111, Reporting a Traffic Accident: 2132 0202, Civil Protection Department: 2393 0000, Mater Dei Hospital, Msida: 2545 0000, Emergency Vets Service Malta: 5004 3888, Time Check: 195.
Religions:The predominant religion in Malta is Catholicism. There are more than 360 churches in Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Malta map

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Border crossing

Visa requirements

Visa applications should be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate General of the Republic of Malta abroad.

Visa Malta

General visa requirements:

1. Valid passport (passport must be valid at least 90 days from issue date of visa)
2. Letter of invitation:
- for a private visit – invitation letter certified by the relevant authority of the Republic of Malta
- for a business visit – invitation letter by a Maltese company ;
- for a tourist trip – a proof of payment for the trip issued by a travel agency (voucher or other type of payment receipt);
3. Completed visa application form: (PDF) ;
4. Photo (size 3.5x4.5cm);
5. Return ticket or Itinerary (copy of Driving License and Insurance if you travel by car);
6. Proof of sufficient funds for staying in Malta (50EUR per day);
7. Health insurance
8. Visa fee.

All application form please find out in official website of Identity Malta

Entry and stay of foreigners

EU nationals may, as well as Serbs without visa application, enter, transit or stay in the Republic of Malta up to 90 days during a six-month period, but not exceeding the expiring date of the said visas or residence permits.

Welcome to Malta

The foreign national who has been granted permanent resident status is required to register his/her domicile and change of abode, within eight days from the date of arrival in the domicile or from the date of the change of the address.

Please take note!
The embassy of the Republic of Serbia does not exist in Malta. For any further information please contact Honorary Consul of the Republic of Serbia:
Mr. Gordon Pace Bonello, or Embassy of Serbia in Rome, Italy.


Useful info

Travel to Malta by plane

The main carrier is Air Malta but unfortunately there are no direct flights from Serbia
Follow our FB page Maltese-Serbian Community and find out about Air Serbia promotions.

Air Serbia

At the moment, you can use only Air Serbia whose routes include direct flights from Serbia to Malta only during summer time and Wizz Air that have direct flights during all year.
Airport in Malta:
Luga Malta International Airport Luqa LQA 4000, Malta, Code: MLA.

Travel to Malta by car

Before you travel to Malta by car, please visit Route planner and find out all about a necessary documentation as well as route.


Travel with a pet

If you are planning to travel to the Republic of Malta and to bring your pet along, you need to previously get acquainted with the respective regulations in force.


For more information, please visit:
Malta Pet Passport & Import Regulations
Useful contact:
International Traffic Section:
If any delay in your travel occurs, please call (24/7) or send a SMS 00356 9917 0532.


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