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Maltese Serbian Community (MSC) is a voluntary, non-profit organisation that was founded in 2010 by prominent Serbian-Maltese nationals to promote integration and cooperation between the two nations. The goals of the organisation are to improve understanding and foster closer cooperation between Maltese and Serbian people through a variety of social, cultural, economic, and religious activities.

In our capacity as the major organisation representing the Serbian community in Malta, we also help our members integrate in the local community and economy, provide free advice on administrative and legal issues covering residency visas, labour, family and social affairs, as well as educational opportunities.

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We create a bridge between two nations through a variety of social, cultural, economic, and religious activities.

Integration & Education
Integration & Education


Other activities that we organised since our foundation are:

- 2012. and 2017. Organised a joint exhibition of Maltese and Serbian painters titled “Together”.
The MSC organised two exhibitions to promote the cultural and artistic links between the two countries. The events also put into the spotlight works by various local artists generated positive reviews in the local media:
* Maltese-Serbian art collective (Times of Malta, 6/3/2017)
* Maltese and Serbian artists at Cavalieri (Times of Malta, 18/03/2012)

- Joined the Third Country National Support Network.

- Founded the “St. Sava annual football tournament” together with Serbian Orthodox Church in Malta.
A group of Serbian nationals with a keen love of football and the wish to bring the Serbian community together through sports, organised the first St. Sava Football tournament in 2004. Since the foundation of the MSC, the event has been incorporated into the organisation’s calendar, and has been taking place annually to commemorate the feast of St. Sava, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church, who is celebrated on 27 th January.
The winners of the tournament are presented with the trophy by the President of the MSC at the organisation’s annual assembly.

- 2014. Collected donations to aid flood relief efforts in Serbia.
- 2015. Opened an office for free legal assistance for Serbian nationals.
- 2015. Organised an exhibition in the Archaeological museum in Valletta, titled “Road of the Roman imperators in the region that is now Serbia”.
The aim of the exhibition was to present to the Maltese public the shared Roman heritage between Malta and Serbia, and to commemorate the 1,700 anniversary of the Edict of Milan when Christianity was proclaimed as the state religion by the Emperor Constantine the Great, who was born in the territory of present-day Serbia.
The exhibition was opened by the Minister for Culture Owen Bonnici, President of MSC Dr. Predrag Andrejević and Snežana Golubović from the Institute of Archaeology in Belgrade. The event was well attended and received national coverage in both TV and print media:
* Archaeological Museum exhibition of Roman influence on Serbia (TV Malta)
* Full-scale model of Roman city of Viminacium on display at the National Museum of Archaeology (Malta Independent)

- 2015. Organised aid for Syrian refugees in Serbia in collaboration with “SOS Malta”.
- 2015. - 2018. English and Maltese language courses together with the Russian Maltese Association and Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants.
- 2016. Set up free Serbian language courses for children.
- 2017. Organised a voting booth in Malta for the Serbian presidential elections with a support of Serbian embassy in Rome.
MSC was the main driver in organising, for the first time in the history of the Serbian community in Malta, a voting booth for the Presidential Elections in Serbia in 2017.
In close cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Rome, we led a citizens’ initiative to register Serbian citizens in Malta. We were able to collect 182 signatures, well over the required minimum of 100 registrations needed for opening a voting booth abroad.
The voting successfully took place at the premises of the Serbian Orthodox Church in St. Paul’s Bay on 2 April 2017.

- 2017. Project "Applied Nostalgia: Belgrade - Valeta" in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration of Serbia.
- 2017. MSC establishes basketball recreational club "MSC Balkan Fusion".
- 2018. Founded the “Malta Masters Basketball Tournament” an annual charity sporting event.
MSC, along with many other partners, set-up the “Malta Masters Basketball Tournament” an annual charity sporting event that promotes healthy living, integration and sports while all the proceedings go to the Malta Community Chest Fund. For more information and the next event, visit the official site of the Malta Masters.

- 2018. Project “A Serbian Library within Malta Libraries" in cooperation with National Librarian, Malta Libraries; The National Library of Serbia in Belgrade and the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Rome.
This project has been organised by Ms. Duška Malešević on behalf of The Maltese-Serbian Community (MSC); Ms. Cheryl Falzon, National Librarian and CEO of Malta Libraries; Mrs. Ivana Nikolic, Head of the Acquisitions Department from The National Library of Serbia in Belgrade and the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Rome.
The books have been carefully selected and include 200 titles of Serbian classics by authors such as the Nobel Prize Winner Ivo Andrić, Miloš Crnjanski, Branko Ćopić, Milovan Danojlić, Desanka Maksimović, Branislav Nušić, Borislav Pekić, Aleksa Šantić, Emir Kusturica and a large selection of children's books of Serbian and international fables.
This Maltese and Serbian joint initiative is yet another stepping stone in proving European values, where every nation has the human right to keep and nurture their mother language. It is also a showcase of traditional Maltese hospitality and the aim is to keep growing the collection of books to serve the growing Serbian community on our island.
Through this initiative the MSC and Serbian government recognise the helping hand of the Maltese Government in supporting Serbia on her journey to join the family of the European Union.
The event was well attended and received national coverage in both TV and print media, as well as Ministry of Foreing Affairs, Serbia:
* Books of Serbian writers donated to the National Library of Malta
* Serbian books donated to Malta Libraries (Times of Malta)
- 2019. ICT Girls Day Malta - We are currently working on the realization.


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MD.FACS.AFRCSI Predrag Andrejević

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MSC Founder, President

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Authorized Court Interpreter


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MSC Founder, Secretery & Finance

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Dragana Mandić Cachia

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"Behind every successful project are volunteers who do a lot of work"

Step by step, we began to lose compassion, solidarity, spontaneity and humanity. With every new loan that should have meant a better life, our everyday life turned into a dragon struggle for survival. Goodness has become superfluous, the characteristic of the weak? We do not think so.

We have joined in the same desire, to help other people. As much we can.

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